Rare Ordinal Directory


1 – All Rare Ordinal artwork must be 400×560 (keep in mind that the larger the file size, the more it will cost to inscribe)

2 – No NSFW content

3 – Rare Ordinals MUST be divisible, with a supply of 1 (using Counterparty) and MUST be locked

4 – You do not have to inscribe your Rare Ordinal before submission (in case it is rejected, so you do not waste precious sats)

5 – Please allow at least 24-48 hours for your submission to be inspected once submitted

6 – DO NOT SHARE your submission publicly (ie: Telegram or Discord) before submitting. This includes your image or link to inscription/block explorer (including xchain)

7 – YOU CAN NOT distribute OR destroy any ordinaltoshis of your card before it is added to and displayed on the directory. TL;DR – the issuance MUST be 1.00000000 until AFTER it is displayed on the directory

8 – We will only accept a maximum of 3 cards per artist, per series. Choose your memes wisely

9 – One submission at a time. If you have submitted a card and we haven’t PUBLISHED it on the directory (if accepted), or rejected it, DO NOT submit another

10 – Your card can only be listed in ONE project/directory. If your card is part of ANY other project/directory, please do not submit it

11 – The Counterparty description MUST contain either the ORD: id OR a json file. If using json, a link to your inscription must be included in the description field of the json

12 – If accepted, you will be notified and must inscribe your Rare Ordinal, update the Counterparty description field (.json or ORD:) and then burn or destroy 2100 PEPECASH (with card name as memo) before your Rare Ordinal is included in the directory

13 – If you decide to use .json to display a link to your ordinal, the link MUST be to ordinals.com (ex: NOT Gamma/ordinalswallet/etc..)

Once your artwork is ready for submission, please e-mail:

  • Artwork
  • Name of/link to Counterparty issuance (must be locked, divisible and issuance of 1)

To – submissions@rareordinal.directory

Join our Telegram – https://t.me/+qIdmbUk_m6ZmZTgx